Luke 24

Give me five—he’s alive!

“He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead!” Those are some of the most exciting words in the Bible. God won! He defeated death! Jesus took on Satan and his entire army and came back a triumphant champion. Because of Jesus’ resurrection—his coming back to life from the dead—we too will one day have life after death. And right now, this resurrection power is what makes us clean from our sin. But that’s not all. Because Jesus lives, we, as his followers, have his same resurrection power in us. This power gives us a supernatural desire to learn about God from his Word and to live the way he wants us to. And we have the power to experience God’s love, joy, and peace in our heart. So give me five—he’s alive!

Click-er: High Five

Whenever you give someone a high five—or even a low five—point to heaven as this lesson clicks and sticks:

Give me five—he’s alive!

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