John 19

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Jesus suffered terrible pain for the sins of the world. He was beaten, mocked, and forced to wear a crown of thorns. When he was completely worn out, he had to carry his own cross to the place where he was nailed to it. But greater than the physical pain was the spiritual pain he went through as he took the blame for our sins. By taking our sins onto himself, he was separated from his Father for the first time. It was more painful than anything he’d ever experienced. But he did it so we could become part of God’s family. It was a strange but wonderful moment in history. Here the one true Boss of the universe suffered on a cross made by people he himself had created. Now that’s love. True love.

Click-er: Cross

Whenever you see, touch, or think about a cross, let this lesson crisscross your heart as it clicks and sticks:

My Boss suffered on the cross.

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